Ascendion AVA

An intelligent digital engineering platform that accelerates the pace of change across business, IT, and operations

Nearly every personal or professional experience is (or will soon be) shaped by software: apps, platforms, and digital interfaces to nearly every person, place, or thing.

What companies and consumers really want is software that provides beautiful experiences for the user.

That beauty doesn’t start with a tap, click, or swipe. It begins with intelligent engineering based on powerful methods and tools, from design, to development, to testing, all the way to delivery, for improved engineering outcomes.

  • Up to 50% reduced CIO spend
  • Up to 60% reduction in IT costs
  • 99% on-time delivery
  • Up to 60% quality improvement
  • 60% of manual intervention eliminated
  • 80% team satisfaction improvement

Winners in digital innovation prioritize the dynamic nature of customer and worker expectations with velocity, predictability, and transparency.

Powerful platforms like Ascendion AVA – our methodology plus technology for better engineering – help improve software outcomes and peace of mind for an exceptional engineering experience from start to finish.

Intelligent engineering with Ascendion AVA

Ascendion AVA leverages artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and automation. This combination accelerates software engineering processes and improves overall quality and transparency with systems for quality engineering, accessibility assurance, and applied ML.

Ascendion AVA applies cognitive self-learning, natural language processing, ML algorithms, and process orchestration to automate testing across the engineering process.

Ascendion AVA intelligent accessibility framework (IAF) auto-remediation system improves content access to disabled software users. IAF uses AI and ML to help businesses meet legislative requirements and standards (WCAG 2.1 (A, AA) and ADA) and and receive compliance certification.

Ascendion AVA streamlines machine learning operational (MLOps) and governance processes to shorten development cycles. This capability helps implement an automated MLOps framework for on-premise, Cloud, hybrid model, and ML projects.

Accelerating engineering excellence

Ascendion AVA, an integrated, intelligent engineering platform, accelerates:

  • Pace of change across business, IT, and operations
  • Building customer-centric solutions with confidence
  • Speed, quality, predictability, and business outcomes